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Enter Midtown by shadowdraconian Enter Midtown :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 3 0
Kath - 9.18.12
bite back
the ink between your teeth, streaming
brick crust around the corners
salve and bandage, Hermes attend
mauve eyes, split lip, chipped tooth.
fight back the tears, speak
as Tiresias can, do no wrong — you
are the Sappho's of this world, the dreamers, the Daedalus, the stars. in space
they can see your eyes shine worlds beyond dreaming
Kleio comes to you soft as sheets.
you are the Orpheus, broke from song
to coax tears before Hades, Persephone weeps —
you are Atlanta, swift of foot, speeding onwards —
you leap beyond their scorn
speak not of words, of sticks,
of stones torn long from graceless fingers, no
sing loud Cassandra, your future is bright
and Eris cannot touch you between these shelves.
:iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 2 0
Kath — 9.24.12
we rolled in fields burnt brown by cold, so strong
my skin papered with its stinging
howl — eyes narrow, tawny hair shivers —
bite — chapped parchment shaking in leather.
you are a creature
of moments, of sunshine in winter, bright gold
the way the wind glints frozen. your skin
a twisting furnace of heat, spring forward —
and this is Us; the bloodless and the wolf, stealing heat you spill
the shared hush of laughter and crunch — predators
stalking the sheeple, we speak to the edge
where adrenalin rush meets madness.
in autumn,
birds fall from blackbone branches like leaves leaving
the empty cages abandoned. I remember
your skin — cracked white, ice in the water — leaking blood dark at the crevices. hand
over hand, staining bark with lost red,
this is the space we inhabit, together:
you, cloud-borne, drinking irradiance
and the observer in a shroud of latticed shadow.
:iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 1 0
Parapagus by shadowdraconian Parapagus :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 1 4
Kath – 6.18.12
tell me
I am not a pet to you, prince
ripe Apollo golden in the sun, you pet
your hands in my hair, long streams, green ribbon
low flash of dark moss against the careful clip, you are
slinking around the edges of the idea –
– the creature from the deep.
but I am not a pet, no
elfine royal to tell me how to live
or die, I
am a force, flash fish
scales bright and silver like the knives
they hang in Williams-Sonoma
I will cut you with these teeth, I smile so wide
you flinch from purpose, you
are an empty threat of power,
the flat bottom box – Pandora lied
there is no hope for us – and I
am not a fool for you
or a shark you can keep in a tank.
:iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 1 0
Kath – 6.18.12
the grapevine smells like summer
trussed like a Beltane boar
saccharine and laden
ripe on spry brown bough
bright green burst cold in your mouth,
the sun filters through leaves spread wide as palms
five fingered lacing overhead
fingers twine together,
warmth blooming between soft-padded flesh, lay
in the careful hammock of skin against skin, pressed
into wrought metal and careful crinkle linen, trail
into the house, ripe with laughter,
plied with fruit and careful smiles, your mouth
wide as the sky, bright and blue,
sweet as rain, I want
to keep you here forever, stolen light,
Persephone golden, sun-white halo sparkling bright
against my lips, drink
your skin against my skin, purple
sheets and bruises, sticky sweet
and summer is born in the warmth of your laugh
beaming smile sparkling bright beneath the rafters.
:iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 4 3
10 Minutes - Squishy by shadowdraconian 10 Minutes - Squishy :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 2 0 10 Minutes by shadowdraconian 10 Minutes :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 1 3 Shoes 3/3 by shadowdraconian Shoes 3/3 :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 4 0 Shoes 2/3 by shadowdraconian Shoes 2/3 :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 6 0 Shoes 1/3 by shadowdraconian Shoes 1/3 :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 13 0
Over the Axis
Kath – 4.14.12
he comes home with earth and vitriol
spilling bloodied between his teeth, soft gasp
of courage, anger, fear
the quiet of the victim and
he will not speak, explain, condemn,
just sit and take her questing silence –
the gentle queries of mother's hands
running reverent over bruises.
she will tuck the hair
behind his ears, press soft
kisses to seeping eyelids,
sloping purpled nape and proud vertebrae
aching and coloured in battle
and she will tell him of Atlas, who holds the world
on shoulders broader than his fathers, how
Michael told Adam knowledge could
create paradise beyond God's Eden, and
that a mind is a gift and a burden to bear
when the world is oft so brainless.
she will draw him a bath,
press ice into skin, and
sit with him in warm shadow
until buzzing thoughts can still, whisper:
Gods, please, give me the strength
to let him find his own.
:iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 1 0
After Henry Gray
Kath – 4.14.12
we are born small
trembling creatures, arms strewn
out, mouths open wide with grief and lost –
the body heat, the warmth
of connection, abstraction, the soft
th-thump of mother's heart, the
gentle hum of blood
and we are fragile, in each miracle glory
of birth and wet and cells' collision
we are one with the womb when we first exist
and we spend our lives searching, hunting, learning
the way that bodies fit together, the way
life is conceived, to learn of soft lines
and gentle sighs
and a moan caught in mouths, and
just think, the entirety
of a mind is three pounds –
you can press fingers into each soft fold
the fear and fury, ideas, the sparks of
lovelifecuriosity, breathewantneed
the way we are fragile in each other's arms
and gasping for connection
:iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 1 3
Kath - 4.7.12
the violin speaks for you
in the still night hours, the wisp
of horsehair on careful strings, soft
soothing terror
wood oiled by long, pale fingers –
you are skeletal,
in every way imaginable, every inch
of skin whitened marble, each vertebrae
stark in shadows and bone, bluish vein
cartography of neglected sustenance, structure
of your face gaunt
and highbred, eyes
crystal distilled, you look and dismantle, take apart
with long, fine fingers and clipped nails,
reverent on my skin as you peel it back,
infinite layers and patience and breath and
this dance that we dance
in wet alleys and lamp
light playing across the prominent ridge of your cheek I
want to tell you that you're beautiful
and dangerous and sweet
the way you are so confused
at the world and the organ that keeps you alive
and the way your body needs nourishment
at the way you let no one touch you
but me, the way your love took even you
by surprise
:iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 13 6
Nourish Me by shadowdraconian Nourish Me :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 3 0 Dearest Dirty Dublin by shadowdraconian Dearest Dirty Dublin :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 7 0
I'm up for criticism, compliments, whatever. Improvement is always a welcome change. xD And thanks for viewing! ^.^;

Don't steal. >.>

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Epic Logo, Epic Challenge
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ryan Ford, and I am the Creative Director here at deviantART. In my position, I manage a global team of extremely talented designers, and collectively we are responsible for designing most everything that represents deviantART in any way, shape, or form. This includes the site layout, deviantWEAR, and of course our brand.

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dArama - ISSUE ONE - Love.
The dynamic between core staff, volunteer staff, and the community can at times be pure quality dArama.
It's worth noting that for years I've worked pretty hard to remain neutral on community politics. Today, I'm going to shatter that concept.
Needless to say, I am extremely politically aware of the inner workings of the deviantART community. I read *a lot* of journals, comments, forums, chat rooms. I have fake accounts. I spy.
But I don't spend my time talking politics, instead I focus internally at deviantART designing technologies and implementing understandings with core staff to address the issues I see pop up.
It's time to take a moment to be a bit more petty.
The Structure
In the inner workings of our politics exists the soul of deviantART. What is this place? What was it meant to do? What does it do? What could we do better? And it's the politics that give insight into how well the greater plan is running.
There's $core staff who are employees or contractors and work 8+
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I Overuse Ellipses

Sat Aug 4, 2012, 11:42 PM

It's true. I was skimming through my journal titles and a larger-than-excusable amount have ellipses. I'm attempting to rectify this gradually.

So. I am a) exhausted b) ill c) incredibly busy for no apparent reason and d) fretting about everything and anything.

Basically, nothing new. But I am heading off to college in a few, buying lots of dorm things, blah blah blah. Tired and busy and etc. I'm glad of an opportunity to be rid of certain people, will miss others dearly. This is the sad sob story of my life. (Note the deep seated sense of irony and self-loathing in that.) Okay, no, that's unfair. I'm just bored with the waiting game. It's been a lot of laundry and shopping and packing and everything I hate. I haven't written anything in weeks, I've been too tired and too uninspired. Looking and dust and cleaning things does that to a person. I feel like shit.

On the bright side, that means I've been doing a lot more art. Trying new things. I should be posting in droves once I get the motivation to. I know, promises promises. Typical, right?

TL;DR - Hello, this is an update stating more of the usual. This is the insomniac writer/artist telling you that she is stuck in a waiting game for the foreseeable week or two. Remember to vote, we don't want Mittens running this country.

That's All, Folks!


Edit: WAIT no I'm a fucking liar I went to Governor's Ball and it was fucking amazing. I will see if there are any post-worthy pictures.

2nd Edit: Looking at Arthur Rackham's work makes me want to cry from envy and simultaneously work harder than I ever have in my life.

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey - Kath here. About me? Hrm.

I do a lot of different stuff - novels, short stories, poems, amateur photography, traditional/digital art... I pretty much jump from field to field depending on my inspiration xD. I think the best part about dA is it's ability to connect artists all over the world. I love that I can post a picture and someone from India can critique it. ^.^;

Art Trades: Yes
Requests: Usually
Drop me a line :D

Current Residence: New York City! xD
Favourite genre of music: rock, metal, alternative... and virtually anything else.
Favourite photographer: Jim Zuckerman
Favourite style of art: Written Word
Operating System: Vista (>.>)
MP3 player of choice: iPod...? Radio! xD
Skin of choice: ...scales?
Favourite cartoon character: Pon and Zi
Personal Quote: With the Promise of Love and Life Comes the Promise of Fear and Death


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